IEEE International Conference on E-health Networking, Application & Services
17-20 September 2018 // Ostrava, Czech Republic

Conference site

Conference venue – Dolní Vítkovice area

The conference venue will be in Dolní Vítkovice area - an industrial area originating from the 1st half of the 19th century. In the early 1990s, the first important technical objects and equipment in the Vítkovice Ironworks, in the lower part of Vítkovice, were declared pieces of the Czech Cultural Heritage. In 2002, in view of its exceptional character, the entire area was declared a site of National Cultural Heritage.

Dolní Vítkovice area

This is where used to stand the original balling furnace, founded by Archbishop Rudolf and dating from 1828, the first of its kind in the entire Austrian monarchy. The first blast furnace was put into operation here in 1836. The Hlubina Mine, originating in 1843, became an inseparable part of the complete manufacturing chain. There was the complete technological flow: the mining of coal, a coke plant, and iron and steel production, all of which was unique to the Czech Republic. This historic landmark was listed as the European Cultural Heritage in 2008.The Dolní Vítkovice area has undergone extensive reconstruction. The giant gas container for blast furnace gas (around 70 m wide and 33 m high) was modified converted  into a concert hall for 1,500 visitors, a conference site, gallery, café, etc., based on design by leading Czech architect, Josef Pleskot. The name of this place is “Gong”.

Gong – conference site, outside view

The conference will be held in “Gong” the building of the year 2013 in the Czech Republic . The conference will be held in rooms located in second level of Gong - called “conference level”. It is fully equipped conference area placed into the unique building – the historical gasholder. The whole conference level will be dedicated for Healthcom2018 conference.


Gong – conference site, conference hall and conference gallery

There will be organized welcome banquet too. This banquet has motto “from iron to smart technologies” – the motto which characterizes the city of Ostrava nowadays. Please see the ground plan of conference level below.

Ground plan of “Conference level”

The conference gala dinner will be organized in Hlubina brickhouse – one of the historical buildings in Dolní Vitkovice area in 5 minutes walk through unforgettable industrial part from conference venue in Gong. This conference gala dinner will be focused on Ostravian and Silesian folklore and regional gastronomy.



Hlubina – conference banquet place in the area of Lower Vítkovice